Multidimensional Projects

Socio Spiritual Projects are going on throughout Bharat to fulfill our mission.



Sanskrit Research Institute (SRI) is functioning as a daughter concern of SARASVATI to promote indegenous research on Bharatiya Vidya (Indian Wisdom).


SARASVATI Yoga Naturupathy Institute is a daughter concern, working with Sparsh Yoga to promote Yoga way of living in Gujurat, Bangalore and Odisha.


A sister concern of Sri Sri Jagannath Chetana is dedicated to strengthen physical, cultural, spiritual and economic condition of the fair gender.


To promote Samskritam as Lokabhasa - Language of common man for restoration of values, International Brotherhood & National Integration.


This Odia medium school was established on 01.04.2011 at SARASVATI Vihar under Shikhsa Vikash Parishad to facilitate primary education to poor rural children. Now 102 children study in 6 classes from KG 1 to class 4.

Lokabhasha Prachara Samitih

A Massive Movement for resurrection of Universal values and National Integration through Sanskrit Language and Literature


As a massive movement for a living Sanskrit, Sansskrit Speaking Camps are being organised widely among the mass. This is a teaching programme for ten days, two hours in a day.


With an aim to create a band of young & dedicated Sanskrit scholars to conduct Sanskrit speaking camps & other activuties is being organised regularly through our training (RRSTI) at Sarasvati Vihar.


Sanskrit has enorormous potentiality for promotion of human values, human science and philosophy. Hence the Samitih plans to initiate research activities on Sanskrit Language, Literature Science and philosophy.


To get in touch with Sanskrit, various books on learning Sanskrit language, songs, novels, shorts stories, Subhasitam, drama, essays in Sanskrit and teaching materials in CD from are published.


To aware and attract the common people towards the relevance of Sanskrit, various programmes like Street Plays, Pala and Sangitasamaroha in Sanskrit are organised.

Out reach

Monthly organ of the Samitih LOKABHASHA SUSHRIH and SAMSKRITA MANDAKINI, the half yealy literaty magazine in Sanskrit are being published regulary with an aim to promot the mass to write & read Sanskrit frequently.

Basic Level Workshop

Manuscripts Workshop

Sri Sri Jagannatha Chetana

Maa Subhadra Matru Mandali

The mother is the main architect of the world. Hence SSJC has planned to reshape the mind of the mothers for a healthy, wealthy and harmonious society through regular spiritual programmes.


To enforce spiritual values among the mothers the young girls and mothers trained as the MOTIVATOR (Sevavrata) through a training programme.

Sri Jagannatha Temple

Sri Jagannath Temple at Sarasvati Vihar, Bhadrak was consecrated by Pujya Gajapati Maharaj pf Puri on 06.04.2010 as a centre of promoting spirituality and humanity.

Journal - Shri Jagannath Chetana Dhara

Journal - Shri Jagannath Chetana Dhara is being published regularty as a quarterly spiritual journal in Odia language which is distributed among the Matru Mandali.

Sarasvati Tailoring Institute

Sarasvati Tailoring Institute encourages young girls to learn Tailoring as a means for Self - earning and Self confidence.


SARASVATI Yoga Naturupathy Institute is a daughter concern to promote indigenous health care and alternative medicine through yogic system. We have tied up with Sparsh Yoga to do regular yoga classes in Bangalore and Gujurat. We are working with other similar organisations to workout a plan and work together to spread YOGA all over India.


Live Healthy and Happy Life through Yoga

Yoga is the age old Indian system of cleansing body and mind. It also has deep effects on subtle level. Social, spiritual and emotional balance are some of Yoga's other benefits. Similarly Ayurveda is the oldest medicinal system of India.

Visit our website for more details about YOGA

Yoga Teacher Training Courses


Siksha Vikash Parishad


Siksha Vikash Parishad affiliates schools of rural areas which conduct Odia medium primary education curricullum. 92 schools are being run in Odisha where about 15000 students of poor class continue there study from pre Nursury to class VIII.

Teachers Training

Siksha Vikash Parishad (SVP) regularly conducts various training and orientation programms both curative and promotive among the teachers of these schools. It also prepares cadre list of teachers for appointment in future.

Publications of Books

Siksha Vikash Parishad has published some text books for the students of these primary schools in a graded manner.We have planned to upgrade the quality of the contents and production of these books to suit the psychology of the students.

Sukhi Odisha Mission


Sukhi Odisha Mission regularly conducts various capacity building training and orientation programms among the rural youth both boys & girls for promotion of economic, social, moral and cultural environment of the people of Odisha in a scientific manner.

Out Reach

Weekly organ of the Sukhi Odisha Mission"Aama Kartavya Lokachetana" is being published regulary with an aim to aware the mass for overall development of the socity. It also accumulate streignth to fight against curption and malpractice among the men and administration.


Sukhi Odisha Mission has published some books which depict the basic problems and hindrances of development of Odisha. We have planned to publishs more books, booklets, banners and handouts on promotion of interest, ability and pride of Odisha among the youth.