Lokabhasha Prachara Samitih

Who told you to neglect spirituality and Sanskrit learning ? What have you been all this time ? Wht have you been indifferent ? Instead of wasting your energies in vain discussions and quarrels in the nwespaper, instead of fighting and quarreling in your own homes, which is sinful use all your energies in acquiring the culture and the thingis done. Why do you not become Sanskrit Scholars? Why do you not spend millions to bring Sanskrit education to all the castes of India? That is the question. That is the secret of power in India.

Swami Vivekananda


As a massive movement for a living Sanskrit, Sansskrit Speaking Camps are being organised widely among the mass. This is a teaching programme for ten days, two hours in a day.


With an aim to create a band of young & dedicated Sanskrit scholars to conduct Sanskrit speaking camps & other activuties is being organised regularly through our training (RRSTI) at Sarasvati Vihar.


Sanskrit has enorormous potentiality for promotion of human values, human science and philosophy. Hence the Samitih plans to initiate research activities on Sanskrit Language, Literature Science and philosophy.


To get in touch with Sanskrit, various books on learning Sanskrit language, songs, novels, shorts stories, Subhasitam, drama, essays in Sanskrit and teaching materials in CD from are published.


To aware and attract the common people towards the relevance of Sanskrit, various programmes like Street Plays, Pala and Sangitasamaroha in Sanskrit are organised.

Out reach

Monthly organ of the Samitih LOKABHASHA SUSHRIH and SAMSKRITA MANDAKINI, the half yealy literaty magazine in Sanskrit are being published regulary with an aim to promot the mass to write & read Sanskrit frequently.