Regd under 1860 Act vide Regn No. 163-1997 Dt. 20.12.1997. Income Tax Exemption U/s 80,G vide order No. CIT/CTC/Tech/80,G-663/2013-14/3233 Dt. 04.09.2013. Sanskrit Academy of Research for Advanced Society through Vedic and Allied Tradition of India (SARASVATI) was established on 06.03.1994 with a view to explore Bharatiya Vidya (Indian wisdom) for usurrection of humamity, morality and spirituality based on Sanskrit, Language, Literature, Science and Philosophoy through serious research and publication.

In the green lush Campus of Sarasvati Vihar two major projects i.e. SARASVATI YOGA-NATUROPATHY INSTITUTE (SYNI) and SARASVTI-MANUSCRIPT Resource Centre (MRC) under the N.M.M., Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India are functioning.

A Research Journal on Indology. - LOKAPRAJNA is being published regularly, since 1987. A  Palmleaf Manuscripts Library having 5084 Palm leaf Manuscripts is also developed inside the campus.