Sukhi Odisha Mission

Odisha is the richest beggar. Odisha possesses 3.74% population, 4.74% Land, 21% Menerals, 12% water, 9% Forest, 8% Marine resources of the Country, but also the poorest state. Sukhi Odisha Mission launched with a mission to give Odisha a shape of a most peaceful but prosperos province of the country.

SOM plans to select 13031 young volunteers, train them adequately and deploy them at Gram Panchayat, Block, Municipality and District levels to work for development of the people in four areas-moral, social, financial and political.

Various measures are also taken up to awaken the people for their duty and demands, rights and responsibities for overall development of the state and the people.

Constructive and reformative programmes are aggressively initiated all over the country to reshape the mindset of the people from idleness and non-conciousness.